are you a wacky family…


I love hearing about fun loving families with quirky traditions… I really hope that in my old age (many years from now) my grandchildren see me as a wacky fun lovin old lady… I think we are already a bit wacky as a family, we love to laugh and have a good time.  And while I don’t think that you can force quirky I do think that with a little creativity and inspiration you can add some fun into family life.

here are some inspirations that I have found along the way

I read this article once, maybe in a Family Fun magazine about this wacky grandma who one year sent a decorated gourd to a family member… from that point forward the gourd would live with one of the extended families for the year.  It would go on vacation with them and the family would include the gourd in all of their family adventures for the year… then at Christmas (i think) the gourd would be gifted to another member of the extended family…

I have a work colleague, Sara, who as a family tradition (her family includes both family and close friends) they take “jump shots” of most everything that they do.   Sara is exudes this quality of always wanting to get the most out of life and the world around her and these “jump shots” absolutely capture that zest for life.

An old friend that I played summer softball with back in our middle school days… is totally wacky! I love reading her posts on facebook cause she is always up to something (and often blaming her folly’s on her twin sister).  One thing that she has done, likely inspired by the Flat Stanley Project, was make a Flat Rhonda who has visited many places with her.

my family has a love/hate relationship with what we call the birthday bear… this is a little bear that sits on your dinner plate.  The love/hate stems from how I remember that the bear sat on my older brothers plate one birthday… yet one day later when it was my birthday (we are 2 years and 1 day apart) there was no birthday bear to be found.  I have teased my mom about this in adult life & occasionally the birthday bear has shown up in random places, he was even taken hostage and held for ransom by my brother after a family vacation.

I think one of the easiest ways to had some fun into family time is just to be willing to look a bit silly…


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