Let’s get domestic


so I have been a stay at home mom since June when the big girls got out of school for the summer…

5 months later I guess it is about time I started being more domestic

full disclosure… I LOVE crafts and I daydream about the romantic idea of “living off the land”

Pinterest, crafty magazines and the internet in general is like crack for someone like me… I don’t really come up with crafty ideas on my own but I am a always the one saying mostly to myself “I can totally make that/do that” or “I wish I could make that” or “why should I buy that I can totally make that”

ok but lets be honest… many of my “I can make” that declarations are a flop.  or those grand ideas cost a $75,000 to get everything you need to make that thing you could have bought for $3 and unless you make (and need) 25,000 really awesome things the money spent was a big waste.

so I am going to start a series of “I can totally make that”… but I really want to explore a few things:

was it really that easy?

was it really worth the time & money?

and would you make it again?

Wish me luck


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