Summer Bucket List


So I started this blog last year when I became a stay at home mom.

While part of the motivation for staying home was to really make the most of our time together as a family; I really struggled with how to make that happen.

Organization and follow through are just  NOT  qualities that I possess 🙂

in addition, all of the great ideas that I have seen on Pinterest, other blogs and the vast interwebs are just really overwhelming… so now I renew.  Like a summer time version of the New Year’s resolution.

what I have done as a start is to try to give some “structure” to our summer fun & memory making.  We wrote a Summer Bucket List.  this is not my original idea and if you just google “summer bucket list” you will come up with lots of ideas.  I actually wrote ours myself.  I know I should have involved the kids but I really know them well and I was just on a roll once I started, LOL.  In fact my girls have had a lot of fun reading the list, since it was all a big surprise for them.

so in renewed interest in making the most of our 3 million minutes and documenting our journey I will be posting our bucket list progress.


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