Send Some Fun Mail – Summer Bucket List


This post and bucket list idea was completely inspired by the Happy Mail Series over at giver’s log.

The basic idea is that you can mail pretty much anything that is 13 ounces or less.  Giver’slog has so many great ideas in the series…

Later this summer we will be visiting family & friends in Indiana, so the girls and I decided to send some happy mail to my BFF’s daughters (she has 3 girls the same ages as my girls).

we decided to send the big girls flipflops and the little one a pail and shovel.  On Tuesday we sent them one shoe each and the shovel and today we will be heading back to the post office to send the rest.  My girls also wrote a summer themed joke on the bottom of the shoes, the answers will be on the other shoe.

By the way, when we mailed the shoes the postman was impressed with our idea and said he was going to write about us in his journal that night 🙂

in case you were wondering, we bought the “mail” at the Dollar Tree ($1 each) and the postage was $1.95… so total cost per girl was $4.90… not bad for a little family fun.  Plus Check one off the bucket list.



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