Have a Picnic – Summer Bucket List


Check off another Summer Bucket List item…

Have a Picnic

with all of the sports that my kids play we are on the road or on an athletic field a lot of the time.  I have been trying to find some more creative things that we can eat when we are out and about.  below is what we had at a roadside stop on our way to the beach.


being a stay at home mom… eating on a budget is important.  packing a lunch and having a picnic is much less expensive and healthier than eating out.  And I think that the girls would agree that this was more fun than sitting in a fast food restaurant.

Our menu was:

summer tomato, corn, crab & avocado salad

I used a version of the recipe over at www.Skinnytaste.com you have to check her site out she has some amazing looking recipes.

in my version, I used frozen imitation crab and frozen corn.  I did this because I cut the crab frozen and added the corn frozen so that we could travel with it in the car and the salad would keep.  I also did not add the hot stuff (peppers & cilantro) or the oil.  I just kept it plain to make it more attractive to my kids.  next time I make this I will use the cilantro.

I served the salad on corn tostada

we also had veggies with store bought hummus

and for dessert refrigerated cinnamon pretzels – these were in tubes like biscuits at my local Aldi


what was even more exciting about finding a picnic location was what we found along the way.  Between where we live and the beach the state is very rural.  We got off the interstate and found a state park location that was a civil war battleground.  On the way we say a field being burned to get ready for the next crop.  I have always seen charred fields and knew that farmers did this but had never seen one burning right on the side of the road.  It made for quite a little adventure for us.


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