Visit a Roadside Attraction – Summer Bucket List


I love the website Roadside America it is a guide full of crazy offbeat roadside attractions.  I love the craziness so much that I also have their iPhone app so that I can look up roadside attractions whenever we are on the road (for a long haul or a short trip)

some of the attractions are just plain crazy and some are crazy fun

good thing for me my family humors me and participates in my stops along our way.

our most recent stop was to:

Thomas Haywood’s Self Kicking Machine

the machine was originally built for Mr Haywood about 60-70 years ago.  It has had a couple of homes and restorations.  But currently it resides outside a roadside antique shop in Eastern North Carolina.

This particular attraction was weird, odd, strange and full of laughs.

I highly recommend checking out some fun roadside attractions, who couldn’t stand adding a little fun and humor into their lives.


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  1. I love that website too, especially for finding “world’s largests,” which our family likes to visit. We use the Roadside America app on our GPS, and it makes a “ding” sound when we drive near an attraction!

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