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Elfwardo and Randall


Here is a peek at our adventure with Elf on the shelf…

first off… I need to explain our reindeer.

my two older girls are really too old for the whole elf on a shelf thing but we like some quirky fun at our house… but I really didn’t want to spend the $30 adoption fee to have an elf join us… so my oldest and I set out on a mission to find a cheap knock off version…

enter, Randall… for the low price of $5.99 we were SOLD

the story of Randall is similar to the elf, Santa lost the naughty and nice list and Randall is on a mission to rewrite it.  His story book name is just Randall… but we like to call him Randall on the Mantel (our knock off Elf on a shelf).

now lucky for my kids their Grammy loves them enough to adopt a $30 Elf… so we have both 🙂

next I would add that the key to the creative Randall/ Elf adventures is all in the planning.  I looked all over the internet and Pinterest to find my inspiration.   we started December 1st so I have a list of 25 different ideas, each night a quick look at the list and I have their nightly activity.


Halloween Fun with Food


theme meals and fun foods is one of the ways that I am trying to add a little something to our 3 million minutes.
some day I hope that I can come up with some of these creative ideas on my own but for now Pinterest is a great resource.

here are the two things that i made for Halloween to add a little fun to our time together as a family.

“Bloody” Bandaids

these are graham crackers with a strip of white frosting topped with a dollop of red gel frosting

next a common pinterest find

Candy Corn Fruit Cup

again super easy

clear plastic cups

layered with Pineapple tidbits, mandarin oranges

topped with whipped cream

Backyard Camping


I think that one of the key ways to add family fun to our lives is by finding unique and sometimes random things to celebrate.

and so today is the: National Wildlife Federation: Great American Backyard Campout – Home.

well we decided to have our backyard campout in the family room 😉

The girls and I had a good time planning our tent construction.








who doesn’t remember building forts growing up? this is such an easy way to add some fun and adventure into an otherwise ordinary night at home.

Our fort only needed, 2 queen size sheets, a couple of chairs, a stool and a couple pieces of duct tape… a little ingenuity and Voila!!!

A campout (or rather camp-in) adventure…

next step is popcorn and a movie… and hopefully before dawn they will actually sleep 😉