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RV dreamin’


our family loves to go camping

we currently own a pop up trailer… which has served us well
we have had many fun weekends together in the pop up


I am motorhome dreamin’

our family of 5 has really outgrown the pop up… and lots of times we have to travel without my hubby due to his work schedule
and I am just not brave enough to pull the pop up myself

with all the travel that we do now with sports and the family trips that I hope that we can take together as a family before the oldest moves on to her independent life… I have convinced myself that we NEED a motorhome 🙂

so how do you save the money for a big expense?


My Daughters Play Sports


I know she isn’t the first and she sure will not be the last but…

my oldest daughter plays football at her middle school… on a “boys” football team

she is in 8th grade this year she is the only girl on the team (last year in 7th there were 2 girls on the team)

I am so proud of her for so many reasons

and for so many reasons playing sports are good for my girls

E Kicking off

in this picture she is kicking a 30+ yard kick off… moments later she made the touchdown saving TACKLE

12 Olympic Meals – Germany


for Germany we decided to have Spaetzle

lucky for me I was able to find dry boxed Spaetzle and did not have to make it from scratch.  This is really best for everyone because I am thus far a major fail when it come to any dough


We made our Spaetzle as a cheese casserole, kind of like Macaroni & Cheese

and I used the recipe for the the dish from

The recipe calls for Gruyere Cheese but I substituted Swiss Cheese.  Mostly for budget reasons, and on a quick google search I learned that any smooth stinky cheese could be used.

12 Olympic Meals – Greece


wow finding what I wanted to serve without ordering take out was harder than I thought it would be

we had Gyro, but trying to find the right meat was a challenge… and in the end I had to improvise

so this was the essence of a Greek Gyro and not even close to the real thing

we had:

pita bread with chicken & Tzatziki sauce

stuffed grape leaves (bought from a local market)

hummus (also store bought but with the right ingredients this is not hard to make)

artichoke and feta fritters (bought at  a local market)


even though this meal was kind of a fail on my part the kids are really enjoying the fun of celebrating other countries during the olympics