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landslide or too close to call


Either way we are ready to be a part of Election Night 2012!!!

this year our oldest is much more interested in politics.  They have had discussions at school and she is genuinely interested in understanding why each side thinks what they think.

I personally turned 18 and thus became eligible to vote in a presidential election year… and I have been an active voter ever since.

so tonight to add some family fun to Election Results I have planned a themed dinner and have put together some tools for the girls to participate and understand our presidential election process.

our dinner:

Right Wings & Left Wings (aka wings in 2 flavors)

Roasted Red Potatoes

Big Blue Soda (some weird generic soda I found at the grocery store)

Apple Hand Pies

our election tools:

Ballots for each girl so they can vote (one with pictures for my non reader)

a blank US map that we can color red/blue as states are called

a list of the electoral college votes for each state so we can keep tally


Look through a telescope – Summer Bucket List


this was a pretty fun bucket list for the big girls, grandpa and I.
with a little bit of local research I discovered that in our area there is a community college with an Observatory.  On most Friday nights, one of the instructors from the college holds observations that are open to the public.  Since I know very little about astronomy leaving the questions from the kids to answered by the professional seemed like a perfect idea to me.

check your local community colleges and universities to see if any have astronomy programs.  In addition you may find night sky viewing opportunities with local parks and recreation programs as well.

Happy sky watching

Summer Bucket List


So I started this blog last year when I became a stay at home mom.

While part of the motivation for staying home was to really make the most of our time together as a family; I really struggled with how to make that happen.

Organization and follow through are just  NOT  qualities that I possess 🙂

in addition, all of the great ideas that I have seen on Pinterest, other blogs and the vast interwebs are just really overwhelming… so now I renew.  Like a summer time version of the New Year’s resolution.

what I have done as a start is to try to give some “structure” to our summer fun & memory making.  We wrote a Summer Bucket List.  this is not my original idea and if you just google “summer bucket list” you will come up with lots of ideas.  I actually wrote ours myself.  I know I should have involved the kids but I really know them well and I was just on a roll once I started, LOL.  In fact my girls have had a lot of fun reading the list, since it was all a big surprise for them.

so in renewed interest in making the most of our 3 million minutes and documenting our journey I will be posting our bucket list progress.