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We are a sports family


We are a sports family! So that makes me a sports mom. Although I like to think of myself as a talent manager, that sounds more official.

This life of youth sports is a choice that we have made. And is not the life for everyone. There are many that would argue that we are over-scheduled and to be extreme robbing our kids of their childhood. However, I say we all make choices about how to raise our children, and ways to spend our family time. The life of youth sports is the choice that we have made.

This choice is many things. Lots of which seem negative. This choice is time consuming, making it one of the reasons that I am currently a stay at home mom. It is hectic, stressful and financially demanding but to-date I don’t regret this life.

We have three daughters. At the time of this post here is what the activities look like.
Our oldest who is 12 plays:
School football

School Volleyball

Club/ travel soccer

Club/ travel Volleyball

Travel Sand/ Outdoor Volleyball

Our middle daughter who is 9 plays:
Travel/ club: soccer

And is hoping to start recreation or travel volleyball soon

Our youngest who is 4 is just beginning to tryout sports and has done:
Dance/ tumbling

Recreation Soccer

Recreation T-ball

We are not in it for the fame and fortune that sports will bring, because we are realistic.

But let’s hope if any or all of them achieve fame they will remember dear old mom and reward her with a shiny new convertible like the one I gave up back when the first baby car seat entered our life.

Joking aside if they never achieve greatness… That they have achieved really pretty good is a positive for their future in the real world. There is so much to say about the benefits of girls who participate in sports; health, empowerment, etc.  If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of women and girls in sports or ways to support sports for girls check out The Women’s Sports Foundation.
It is my hope that their participation in sport forever encourages them to be their best in all that they do, and to never settle for average. I hope that they steer toward male dominated careers (ie, math, science & technology) with their heads held high knowing that they have the skills and abilities to compete.

I do hope to use this blog to chronicle our experience in the world of competitive youth sports and college sports recruiting. I am not an expert, a former athlete or a coach, I am just a mom trying to make my way through this process.