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College Sports Recruiting – baby steps


*note, I am not a coach, affiliated with any college sport program, or a sports manager… I am just a mom documenting my journey with my daughters and their goal to play sports in college

now that it is 2013 and my oldest will turn 14 within this calendar year… she is eligible to register with the NCAA as a student athlete.

yes I know that she is only in 8th grade and currently is only 13 years old… and she is not such an elite athlete that coaches will be knocking down her door the day she steps into high school… BUT when the time comes for the real recruiting process to begin I want to be ready, not taken by surprise.

I am hoping that if I do some advanced planning we can stay on top of the process and not make mistakes (or at least not drastic mistakes) along the way.

so far, I have not found that friends/ acquaintances have been all that helpful… we have some friends who have sons that have signed to play baseball and basketball … but I have not been successful in getting tips from them on how the process worked for them or what steps they took to help their sons through the process.  In part I am sure this is because we are dealing with not only different sports but different genders.

the two places on the internet that I have found the most helpful information about recruiting and the world of college sports (and sports scholarships) have been the following two locations:

NCAA Eligibility Center

NCSA Athletic Recruiting

as our first step, we have started the registration process for the NCAA eligibility center.  The earliest you can register is the calendar year your child turns 14, and thus the year they will enter high school.  I have registered my daughter but mush of the information we will add later as many of the questions pertain to your participation after you have turned 14.

in order to be recruited to play sports in college you must register with the eligibility center