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Happy 39th Anniversary Title IX


With a house full of athletic girls Title IX is pretty important to us… what is title IX you ask?!?!

Title IX is a short and simple federal law: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

Title IX is also an empowering rule that gives my girls the confidence to stand up and say: “We are just as important as boys…”

want to learn more about women in sports check out: The Women’s Sports Foundation



Winds of change…


are going to be blowing with some hurricane force…

in 4 short weeks, we will be making a HUGE family change… I have quit my job and will be taking on the new role of Stay-at-Home Mom/ Family Manager!!!

With the economy the way it is, many people may think that I have completely lost my mind… I have worked for the last 13 years as a state employee… first in county government and presently with a state university.  I make a decent salary & my benefits are all right. So why quit?!?!?

over the last couple of years my work environment has become very unpleasant… it is a situation that is not easy to explain… the simplest would be to say that my supervisor is a bully who has made it clear that they will not allow me to be successful in this organization.  With my work environment feeling more unstable everyday & my mental health starting to suffer the big question became…

what to do?

stick it out, thankful that I have a job? desperately seek work elsewhere?

and then I read “the Holstee Manifesto”

nearly every single part of this manifesto resonated with me…

especially; “if you don’t like something, Change it.”

Life is simple, life is short… but only you can seize the opportunities

so there you have it… I have quit my job to focus on my family… and now it is up to me to make the most of the time we have together

What is 3 million minutes?!?!?


3 million minutes is about how long it will be until my oldest daughter goes to college…

In a recent conversation with friends I was struck by the idea that in just 6 short years our oldest E1 would be heading off college…

only 6 years… but there is so much I want us to do as a family, so much for us to experience and learn together.

so with inspiration from the song Seasons of Love from the musical/movie Rent…

I have determined that as a family we have:

6 years

312 weeks

2,190 days

52,560 hours

3,153,600 minutes

like the song says “How will we measure a year…” or in our case 6 years