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low cost RV adventure


we are still RV dreamin…

while researching options for renting an RV for a driving trip this summer; I came across an interesting low cost RV rental

in order to take part in this option you need to be flexible with your travel dates and locations… so this may be more of an option for families with children not in school (preschool or homeschool) or for empty nesters.

The deal?!?!?


at Cruise America, every year they need help moving their new motorhomes from the factory floors to their rental locations.  At the time of this post the rental deal was $29 per day including 150 free miles.  between the base-rate and the mileage of renting an RV this could be a savings of around $1700 for a 7 day rental!!!!


Visit a Roadside Attraction – Summer Bucket List


I love the website Roadside America it is a guide full of crazy offbeat roadside attractions.  I love the craziness so much that I also have their iPhone app so that I can look up roadside attractions whenever we are on the road (for a long haul or a short trip)

some of the attractions are just plain crazy and some are crazy fun

good thing for me my family humors me and participates in my stops along our way.

our most recent stop was to:

Thomas Haywood’s Self Kicking Machine

the machine was originally built for Mr Haywood about 60-70 years ago.  It has had a couple of homes and restorations.  But currently it resides outside a roadside antique shop in Eastern North Carolina.

This particular attraction was weird, odd, strange and full of laughs.

I highly recommend checking out some fun roadside attractions, who couldn’t stand adding a little fun and humor into their lives.

Have a Picnic – Summer Bucket List


Check off another Summer Bucket List item…

Have a Picnic

with all of the sports that my kids play we are on the road or on an athletic field a lot of the time.  I have been trying to find some more creative things that we can eat when we are out and about.  below is what we had at a roadside stop on our way to the beach.


being a stay at home mom… eating on a budget is important.  packing a lunch and having a picnic is much less expensive and healthier than eating out.  And I think that the girls would agree that this was more fun than sitting in a fast food restaurant.

Our menu was:

summer tomato, corn, crab & avocado salad

I used a version of the recipe over at you have to check her site out she has some amazing looking recipes.

in my version, I used frozen imitation crab and frozen corn.  I did this because I cut the crab frozen and added the corn frozen so that we could travel with it in the car and the salad would keep.  I also did not add the hot stuff (peppers & cilantro) or the oil.  I just kept it plain to make it more attractive to my kids.  next time I make this I will use the cilantro.

I served the salad on corn tostada

we also had veggies with store bought hummus

and for dessert refrigerated cinnamon pretzels – these were in tubes like biscuits at my local Aldi


what was even more exciting about finding a picnic location was what we found along the way.  Between where we live and the beach the state is very rural.  We got off the interstate and found a state park location that was a civil war battleground.  On the way we say a field being burned to get ready for the next crop.  I have always seen charred fields and knew that farmers did this but had never seen one burning right on the side of the road.  It made for quite a little adventure for us.